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What is a Schipperke?
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The Schipperke is truly a unique representative of the dog world. A Schipperke is a small bundle of black fur that will fill your days and nights with constant companionship and love. From the instant he makes your acquaintance, the Schipperke will impress you with his personable ways and unending energy.

In appearance, the Schipperke is a small, compact, thick-set dog with a distinctive silhouette unlike any other breed. His black, thick coat grows in several distinct lengths, in a unique pattern, which is enhanced by a "double" coat: longer, harsher outer hairs over a soft, fluffier undercoat.
Unique Silhouette
The correct Schipperke coat is abundant around the neck, forming a ruff which blends into a "jabot," or apron, down his chest and between his forelegs. A distinct cape appears behind the ruff over and across his shoulders, and on the rear of his thighs, there will be culottes as long as the ruff. The remainder of the body coat is shorter, and shortest of all on the face and lower legs.

The Schipperke's head is foxlike and his expression very quizzical. Although occasionally a Schipperke may be born without a tail, most are surgically removed. Schipperkes generally range from 10 to 13 inches at the shoulder, and weigh up to 18 pounds.

Although the Schipperke is small in stature, he is not short on intelligence or devotion. Definitely a high energy dog, the Schipperke is insatiably inquisitive. He leaves no new leaf or new piece of furniture unexplored, until he has familiarized himself completely with everything about your house. Always anxious to please his family, he is aware of the changes in your moods and adjusts himself accordingly. top
The Schipperke's silhouette is unique in the dog world.

First Rate Companion
The Schipperke is first a companion and watchdog. His first concern is you--his family. He is always alert and aware of what is happening around his domain, and his sharp bark warns all strangers that he is on guard.

His temperament shows him to be a positive dog, exhibiting very strong likes and dislikes, capable of making a decision about a situation. He is fond of children and frequently will attach himself to the children of the family, becoming their loving, loyal and watchful companion. top

The Schipperke is usually a long-lived dog. Many have lived to be 16 to 18 years of age. Because of their long lifespan and little if any illness, the breed is generally considered one with very few prominent health problems. Most require little more than "ordinary" care, good food, clean water, proper exercise, protection from extreme weather, regular vet checkups and love from their owners. top

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