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Club Members
  The CRSC has 28 Regular (Individual) memberships and 3 Associate (Newsletter). Our regular members come from: Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, South Dakota and Oregon, and Associates from Colorado, Texas, Arizona.

Many people become members upon adopting a rescue from the club and enjoy the social interaction with other club members and their Schipperkes.

Our members are Schipperke fanciers whose activities include pet ownership, Certified Therapy Dogs, Obedience, Agility, Rally, Conformation shows and reputable dog breeding.

Through many venues we participate in 'Meet the Breeds' and 'Dog Health Fairs' to share our love of the Schipperke with others and to encourage responsible dog ownership.


Send correspondence to:
Donna Keihl, Secretary
Central Rockies Schipperke Club of Greater Denver
6495 Happy Canyon Rd. #92
Denver, CO 80237
Email: CRSCSecretary@Schipperke.com